Electrical distribution equipment

Prefabricated substation buildings

Production area – 16000 m2, number of employees – 320 people
Over the past 61 years produced over 19500 transformer substations, 43500 medium voltage cubicles, 96000 low voltage switchboards
Electrical distribution equipment export to 25 countries
The biggest manufacturer of 0,4-24kV distribution equipment and systems in the Baltic States
The Company founded in 1959

Prefabricated substation buildings

Prefabricated substation buildings are designed for indoor switchgear equipment, command and communication posts, 6-10-20-35kV distribution centers and modular transformer substations. Substation building KAMP is a compact solution that meets all the most stringent requirements for modern switching substations.

KAMP consists of modules that are preassembled at the factory. Modular building design is optimized for ELGA switchgears - all individual components therefore match perfectly with each other. By using standard building modules it is possible to create a wide variety of layouts, to meet all customer requirements for practical substation building. Modules are also available to offer flexibility in meeting special requirements.

  • Optimized space utilization
  • Wide variety of layouts
  • Completely Commissioned
  • Fast Production and Commissioning
  • Less Civil Work
  • Easy Extendibility
  • Easy Relocation


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