Electrical distribution equipment

Transformer substations

Production area – 16000 m2, number of employees – 320 people
Over the past 61 years produced over 19500 transformer substations, 43500 medium voltage cubicles, 96000 low voltage switchboards
Electrical distribution equipment export to 25 countries
The biggest manufacturer of 0,4-24kV distribution equipment and systems in the Baltic States
The Company founded in 1959

Galvanized steel substations MT

Galvanized steel transformer substations are used for receiving, transforming and distributing of medium and low voltage electric power to consumers.

Modular substation MT housing is made of galvanized steel. Substations are available in various types with indoor or outdoor service and with installed required number of medium voltage and low voltage panels. It is connected by cable.

The electrical diagram and arrangement of the equipment in the transformer substation are to be settled when making order.

  • Convenient arrangement and large choice of equipment
  • High versatility in external design
  • Up-to date and solid sturdy design
  • Internal arc type tested up to 20kA/1s
  • Possible replacement of the housing modules
  • Low dimensions
  • Installed transformers up to 4x2500kVA
  • 2 mm thickness zinc coated sheet steel housing
  • Powder painted in desired colour
  • Delivered with hot dip galvanised steel base frame foundation or concrete foundation


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