Electrical distribution equipment

Electrical distribution and metering boards

Production area – 16000 m2, number of employees – 320 people
Over the past 61 years produced over 19500 transformer substations, 43500 medium voltage cubicles, 96000 low voltage switchboards
Electrical distribution equipment export to 25 countries
The biggest manufacturer of 0,4-24kV distribution equipment and systems in the Baltic States
The Company founded in 1959

Electrical distribution and metering boards

Electrical distribution and metering boards are designed for distribution, metering of electric energy and protection of 380/220 V voltage networks against overload current and short circuit.

Single-phase (220V) and triple-phase (380V) electrical distribution and metering equipment:

  • lead-in metering boards
  • transit cable boards
  • transit distribution and metering boards
  • staircase panels
  • terminal boards
  • other various electric equipment and automation boards


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